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Tuesday 5 July 2016

Why people love ice cream

Ice, Cream and a whole bunch of flavors, probably one that is being invented as we speak. Ice Creams are a favorite for people from across the globe. People might call it different names, but in essence it is the same, delightful, chill, sweet, dessert that makes your entire being happy when you devour it. Specialfoodz has its very own list of ice cream flavors, some special only to certain countries. Enjoy J

Caramel Praline – This flavor is sweet candy that is covered with pecans that is mixed with electrifying caramel swirls and will send you into a frenzy for more.

Black Raspberry Crunch - A rarely made black raspberry ice cream with mouth-watering chocolate covered almonds for all nut lovers, chocolate lovers and ice cream lovers alike.

Industrial Chocolate - The ultimate chocolate ice cream loaded with chocolate chips, chocolate chip cookie dough and sweet, gooey chocolate fudge. A combination that is bound to send you to high heaven.

Lemon Cookie or Lemon Chiffon - Lemon Cookie- This is ice cream that has Tangy lemon ice cream and Vanilla Cookie crumbs to go with it. A refreshing treat for the summer season.  Lemon Chiffon- Just the right amount of Lemon extract with the smooth Chiffon like texture, a favorite for everyone with bitter-sour craving taste buds.

Cookies N' Cream – What could be better than cookies and milk you ask. And we say, cookies N’ Cream of course! Vanilla ice cream and crushed Oreo cookies mixed together. Its tasty even as gelato!

Mint Chocolate Chip – A combination of a refreshing minty flavor and delicious, rich chocolate chips and chocolate ice cream. A flavor to die for, we say.

Cookie dough – If you loved eating raw cookie dough as a kid, this flavor is for you. This ice cream is a combination of actual raw cookie dough mixed together making a splendid combination that everybody must try at home.

Rocky Road – Squishy marshmallows that are nicely frozen, chocolate ice cream that will transport you to the seventh heaven, roasted almonds that is crunchy to the ‘t’, this is one deadly combo that anybody could fall in love with.

Bastani Sonnati – literally means ‘classical ice cream’ in Persian or simply as Bastani. This is a Persian ice cream made using milk, rose water, vanilla, sugar, eggs, saffron, and pistachios. Salep is also sometimes included as an ingredient. Bastani often contains flakes of frozen clotted cream. The milk is stirred until it is flocculated.
Ab-e havij, alternatively called havij bastani, is a mixture of carrot juice made into an ice cream float garnished with cinnamon, nutmeg, or other spices.

Blue Moon – Blue moon is an ice cream flavor that has a bright blue coloring to it and is usually available in the Upper Midwest of the United States. The Chicago Tribune has described the ice cream as "Smurf-blue, marshmallow-sweet, and tasting remarkably like Froot Loops and Fruity Pebbles". Blue Moon ice cream is one of the flavors which make up the Superman ice cream.

Grape-Nut ice cream – The grape-nut ice cream is a popular regional dish in the Canadian Maritimes, the Shenandoah Valley, Jamaica and New England. One origin story is that it was created by chef Hannah Young at The Palms restaurant in Wolfville, Nova Scotia. She created it when she ran out of fresh fruit to add to ice cream, and decided to throw in some cereal. It proved popular at the restaurant and the Scotsburn Dairy company began mass-producing the ice cream variety, and it sold across the region. Variations of ice cream with Grape Nuts are also called brown bread ice cream.

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